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Here’s what it’s like when Living South Realty works for you…Pre-Drywall Homebuilding Inspections: What to Look For 

Here’s what it’s like when Living South Realty works for you…Pre-Drywall Homebuilding


Building a home is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s also a lot of work. One of the most important steps in the process is ensuring that everything is in perfect order before drywall goes up. It’s best if you can get in and inspect before insulation is installed so that you have the best view possible. To help you make sure nothing gets overlooked, here are some details to pay attention to during your pre-drywall inspection. 

Electrical Locations 

The first thing to check for is all of your electrical locations, including lights, fans, switches, and outlets. Make sure that these are all placed correctly according to your plans and building codes. It’s also important to check for any cable or data lines that need to be run behind walls and make sure those are positioned correctly as well. 

Gas Lines & Water/Sewer Lines 

You should also double check all gas lines, water lines, and sewer lines during your inspection. Make sure they are properly connected and routed throughout the house according to plan. This will ensure that you don’t run into any issues down the line when it comes time to turn on utilities at your new home. 

Framing Squareness 

Finally, one very important detail is making sure that all of the framing around windows and doors is square—no gaps between frames or walls! This will help ensure that windows open and close properly and that there isn’t any air leakage around doorways or other openings once insulation goes up. Most builders will do a frame inline to make sure the walls are level and square. One area to double check that gets overlooked is where the interior vertical framing meets the bottom plate.

Building a home from the ground up requires careful attention to detail at every stage of construction; however, one of the most important times for inspections is before drywall goes up. During this time, be sure to check electrical locations such as lights, fans, switches, and outlets; cable/data locations; gas lines; water/sewer lines; and finally framing squareness around windows and doors for proper fitment when insulation goes up. Taking these few extra minutes now can save you a lot of hassle down the line!

It’s a good life… Living South!

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