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Contract to Closing FAQs

Contract to Closing FAQs

Closing FAQS

What if I have a question that is not on this list?

Please contact your agent or closing coordinator.  This is only a list of general questions and some answers vary based on the specific situation.  

Pre Closing FAQS

When should I set up an inspection?

Your agent will set up the inspection with a licensed home inspector of your choice within the due diligence period stated in your contract.  

When can I do a final walk through of my new home?

Your agent will set up a final walk through.  The final walk through is typically scheduled within 24 hours of your closing time.

What should I expect on the final walk through?

Any agreed upon repair requests should be completed, the home should be in broom swept condition, and utilities are on if agreed upon in the contract.  

Are new home construction walkthroughs the same as a resale?

Typically new construction walk-throughs are done by the superintendent or field supervisor for the builder.  Depending on the builder there can be up to 4 walk-throughs throughout the build process.  The builder will schedule these walkthroughs directly with you.  Your agent can help facilitate this if necessary.   

How do I transfer Utilities into my name and when should I have them transferred?

Your closing coordinator will send you a list of utility providers specific to your new home.  You will need to call 7 days in advance and set up service to be transferred on the day of closing.  

What is a cl-100?

The CL-100 is a termite inspection.  The lender requires this report prior to closing. The attorney will order this prior to closing.   

What is an appraisal and when is it scheduled?

The appraisal is an estimate of value done by a licensed appraiser.  The bank usually requires an appraisal prior to closing. 

When should I be moved completely out of my home?

At least 24 hours prior to closing

Attorney FAQS

When will I receive the final settlement statement?

The attorney will send this to you 24-48 hours before closing

When will I receive the amount to bring to closing?

The attorney will send the amount to you 24-48 hours before closing

Can I write a check or bring a cashier’s check for the funds due at closing?

No, these funds need to be wired

Where do I receive the wiring instructions from?

Wiring instructions come directly from the attorney and the instructions should be confirmed with the attorney via phone call prior to wiring funds.  

When can I expect to receive a closing (signing) date and time?

The attorney will schedule your closing date/time and will let you know prior to closing.  Sometimes attorneys have to schedule closing at the last minute based on lenders sending the proper documents to the attorneys  for closing.  We advise keeping your schedule open the entire day for closing. 

Post Closing FAQS

When will I receive my keys for my new home?

You will receive the keys AFTER the deed has been recorded by Horry County.  Your agent will set up a time to transfer keys to you.  

When will funds be released from closing?

Funds will be disbursed by buyers’ attorneys  AFTER the deed has been recorded.